Importance of Getting a Memorable Vanity Number

Importance of Getting a Memorable Vanity Number

Easy to remember Vanity telephone numbers are considered amazing marketing tools in the business world.  They have proven to have the capability to get a higher response rate from customers.  The only problem is how to make your vanity number memorable enough.  Frequent exposure can make it memorable, but aside from this, you should know the conventional ways to make it easy to be remembered.

A vanity number could be your business saver, since it functions as the means of communication between you and your customers.  This is the reason why you need to make it as memorable as possible.  You do not want your customers to get frustrated while trying to contact you.
Here are the top reasons why you should do your best to make your vanity number as creative and memorable as possible.

Why Does It Need to be Memorable?
1.    Increased Feedback From Advertising Platforms: Memorable vanity numbers could get your ads featured over others.  Remember, competition is tight in the business world.  You need to know your competitive edge over others in order to get your business going.  One way of doing that is by creating an easy to remember vanity number.
2.    Maximized ROI:
Most business owners are usually monitoring their ROI, or return on investment.  Your marketing campaign should have your vanity number on its list in order to boost your return on investment.  If it is memorable, you will get more attention in an instant, and will therefore be able to bring in more business.
3.    Versatile Tool for your Marketing Campaign:
Business owners will surely invest in the marketing campaign.  Vanity numbers are a handy marketing tool that do not being burden you with their cost.  You simply need to post it in your ads, and wait for the response of the customers.
4.    Tool for Expanding your Network:
If you would like your network to expand, you could make use of a premium vanity number.  So make it as memorable as possible.  Your customers can refer you easily to their friends or families.  If the number is easy to remember, it is easier to transmit across platforms.
5.    Means of Recognizing Your Brand:
All business owners aim to have their brands recognized, especially in very competative industries.  If you have a good vanity number, it can serve as your business identity.  It will be easier for you to get recognized in your industry.  If you would like to have an effective reinforcement for your promotions, start by improving your vanity number.
6.    Keeps Your Lead:
Of course you might already have your own leads and loyal customers.  Having a memorable vanity number helps you to keep them.  This is also a sort of psychological approach.  If they have already memorized your number by heart, there is only a remote possibility that they will transfer to one of your competitors since they would need to adapt again to a new set of products and services.
7.    Competitive Edge in the Market:
If you have been in business for quite some time already, you know what this means.  You need to be ahead of the others by making your vanity number really impressive.  It should leave an impact on customers who see it.  One creative way of doing this is by including the main product in your number.  For example, if your product is SEO, you can customize your vanity number by making it something like “1-855-BLOG-SEO”.
8.    Track and Record Your Sales Calls:
This is an amazing feature of vanity phone numbers.  Users can easily monitor incoming calls that have been recorded.  You can also access the record through email and download it as well.  With this feature, you can measure your sales by keeping track of the calls.
9.    Marketing Tool for Less:
Promoting your products and services can be costly.  Of course, you need to spend for the materials that you will use.  Business owners should always invest in it since it is inevitable in businesses.  Compared with other materials, vanity numbers are so versatile and economical.  You just need to post them in your ads and let people see them.  You also have every right to put them anywhere on your website for free.  Getting a vanity number is an easy task since the price is very affordable.
10.    Exclusively Yours:
If you have registered your own vanity number, then you are the sole owner of it.  No one can claim since it has already been registered under your name.  This exclusivity makes it possible for business owners to gain recognition in their specific industry.

Those are just few of the reasons why you should make your vanity number really memorable.  Premium vanity toll free numbers are an extremely powerful marketing tool. For more information about our premium portfolio of phone numbers, please get in touch with our sales team today.

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