Top Reasons Why Businesses Need Toll Free Vanity Numbers

If you haven’t used a toll free vanity numbers for your business, then this is the right time to. They are tremendously helpful in making the people remember your brand, and never forget it.


What Are Toll-Free Phone Numbers?

They are toll free numbers use the toll free area codes such as 1-800, 1-866, 1-855, and 1-844.

They are called toll free numbers because anyone can dial the numbers free of charge. Businesses have been using toll free numbers since the 1980’s to better reach out to their clients and customers.  It has proven to be an effective method of generating inbound phone calls and brand loyalty from clients.  It is very convenient to use since it’s for free and easy to remember.

What Are Vanity Phone Numbers?

These special phone numbers contain number combinations that spell out words making them easy to remember and dial. These word combinations can be generic terms or brand terms connected to the name of the company owning it.

Customer service has never been easier through the usage of toll free vanity numbers, especially with the popularity of smartphones. As a marketing mechanism, phone calls to customer service or sales representatives of a particular company via vanity numbers is an awesome way to generate relationships and sales.

Finding a great vanity toll free vanity numbers is a key step in growing brand awareness and new sales.

Advantages of Using Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers

  • Increase Brand Familiarity
  • Established Good Brand Name and Reputation
  • Competitive Edge in the Market
  • Easy Customer Service for Clients and Potential Clients
  • Increased ROI of Marketing Spend
  • Easy to Remember for Clients and Customers
  • Higher Rates of Client and Customer Feedback
  • Increased Revenue for the Company


These are just some of the major advantages of using these special phone numbers.  Businesses have been using them successfully for decades to gain a competitive edge in business.  Vanity numbers and live phone communications should be a part of fundamental strategic plans for business growth.



What Can a Vanity Number Do For Your Brand?

Your toll free vanity number represents your brand and service offering.  When searching through potential phone numbers its important (and difficult) to find a good and easy to remember vanity number.  The perfect number will offer a glimpse of your brand’s unique value proposition related to what are selling.  The ultimate vanity number will persuade customers to engage with and call your business. has 1000’s of amazing vanity numbers available for use, contact us today for more information.


Our Numbers Support All Major Systems

Our Toll-Free Vanity Phone Numbers work with every major phone system with a simple port. Call us to learn more about how our numbers work with these and every other major system.